“Jamaica never gets worse or better, it just finds new ways to stay the same.” Marlon James


I have just spent a few days in Jamaica. That was my fifth trip to the Taino land formerly known as Xaymaca.


Getting to Jamaica is a worthy sinecure.  Flights are numerous and affordable. Flying time is 3 and ½ hours from New York, and only 70 minutes from Miami. Hardly enough time to read your political magazine.


By all measures, Jamaica instigates curiosity. It is a microsome of the Caribbean. Everyone everywhere seems to know about Jamaica. You never have to spell the name, and no one thinks it is located in Africa or the South Pacific. In a way, it is the flag bearer for the Caribbean.


Jamaica’s association with famous names stirs the pot of inquisitiveness. Therefore, it is an exercise in erudition to know more about the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Usain Bolt, Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle, Michael Manley, Edward Seaga, Naomi Campbell, Samuel Sharpe….


By the way, do you know that Ian Fleming spent most of his life at his home in Jamaica where he wrote his most brilliant James Bond stories? He owned a 3-bedroom house on a patch of beach in Orabessa bay. Today, the venue is a top tourist attraction.


There are many other reasons an inquiring mind would want to spend some due time in Jamaica.
Some prompts need answers:
How does the island economy fare in this new era of protectionism?

How do Jamaicans feel toward the current migration debate?

Has the island achieved its dream of becoming the Touristic Paradise of the Americas?

How capable are Jamaica worldly resorts to throw the perfect party for a destination wedding?


The last inquiry was my deciding factor. I made the journey to a colleague’s wedding on the Wonder Island.

The Traveller


(Odler Robert Jeanlouie, Tuesday, October 21, 2018)



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