Gun control was enacted in Australia in 1996.  In the 18-year period preceding the law, 13 mass shootings were recorded. In the 22-year period after the law, ZERO mass shooting was recorded.


Kangaroos cannot walk backward, and, by the way, the female has three vaginas.


Voting in Australia is compulsory, you don’t vote, you pay a fine.


To change a lightbulb in Australia, you must have a state license as an electrician.


There are more camels in Australia than there are in Egypt!


78% of Australians live on 1% of the costal land, most of the rest (the outback) is a desert.


Australian Dingo is a dog that does not bark.


Australian Emu is a bird that does not fly, but it can run at 30 miles an hour!


In Australia, “thongs” means “flip flops”. So be careful on your way to the beach.


Sydney is not the capital of Australia, Auckland is not the capital of New Zealand.


Kiwi, the symbol of New Zealand, is not a fruit; it is a bird, and it does not fly.


New Zealand was the first modern country to give women the right to vote, in 1893.


There is no snake, and no dangerous or poisonous animal in New Zealand.


By law, nuclear energy, peaceful or not, is forbidden in New Zealand.


Cash is hardly ever used in New Zealand; credit card is requested everywhere.


“Lord of the Rings” was filmed in New Zealand.


Prostitution and solicitation are legal in New Zealand.


New Zealand is the size of Japan, with a population 25 times smaller.


New Zealand (along with Denmark) is the least corrupt country in the world.


There are only two countries in the world where drug companies are permitted to advertise to the public: New Zealand and USA.


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(Odler Robert Jeanlouie, Thursday, October 11, 2018, Sydney, Australia.)


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