“Uruguay has a free market economy, a well-educated workforce, and high levels of social spending.” CIA World Factbook

Surface area: 176, 215 sq. km (size of Washington State)

Population: 3.4 million (between Bosnia and Eritrea)
Most live in the South
80% live in urban areas

Population growth: 0.27% per year

Ethnicity: 87% white, 4.6% black, 2.5 indigenous

Religion: Christian: 47% Catholic, 11% non-Catholic, 23% non-denominational
Atheist or agnostic: 17%

Life expectancy: 77 years

Obesity rate: 27%

GDP: $78 billion

GDP growth rate: 2.7%

Unemployment rate: 7.6%

Poverty rate: 9.7%

Tourism: 3 million visitors per year.

Currency: $1 = 38 Uruguayan pesos.


The Traveller

(O. Robert Jeanlouie, Monday, February 17, 2020)

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